Hologram Rentals and Sales for trade shows

Interactive HD quality holograms designed for operation in bright trade show environments.

  • Trade Show Hologram rental

    Interactive, Dual Sided Hologram Projector for Trade Shows

  • Hologram Rental for trade show booths

    Dreamoc HD3 Hologram Rental in the USA and Canada.

  • Large Holgoram rental for trade shows

    Large Scale, Interactive, Dual Sided Hologram Projector for Trade Shows

  • Hologram Rental for trade show booths

    Our top rental for trade shows. Dual Sided, Interactive Hologram with " Ultra Bright" 1080 HD projection.

Our trade show hologram projectors are designed specifically for trade shows. The dual sided hologram kiosk features our own " ultra bright " technology and creates a vivid, bright holographic projection in bright trade environments.The projections can be seen from a great distance away from your booth which helps in attracting the attention of important trade show traffic. The holographic projection area is designed to be at eye level to increase the visibility of the hologram from outside the booth area. Competing holograms are lower and can't be seen by others when people are standing in front of them.

The dual sided nature of the display is also our own unique design. The dual projection system allows booth guests to view separate programs at the same time. A guest can select a hologram program to watch and listen to via the touch screen on their side of the display. While they are watching that program, a guest on the other side can use the touch screen on their side to select a completely different program than what is playing on the opposite side. This means twice the interativity within the same floorspace footprint. Clients love this feature.

Our hologram exhibits feature bright and clear HD quality images so even fine detail of a product can be viewed. Our displays offer much larger images/projections than competing systems. The projection size of our standard display is 15 inches ( 38 cm ) tall and 27 inches ( 68 cm ) wide while our larger system projects an image at approximately 3 ft tall and 5 ft wide.

Our all inclusive pricing makes your trade show hologram experience easy. We utilize our own animation studio when creating 3D content for your presentation to maintain hiqh quality and keep animation costs low. In addition we can provide assistance with scripting, a professional voice over artist and modelling services when you don't have 3D files of your products. We handle shipping to and from the show as well as provide a tech for on site setup and take down.

CLIENT QUOTE: " I wanted to let you know that the hologram was a big success.  The show was long and exhausting, but your device did exactly what we were looking for. It got people's attention, made them stop and watch.  I was amazed at the number of people taking pictures of it! We were very happy with the device and working with you - your follow-thru and delivery were appreciated. And that voice-over guy you use was fantastic." David Doll - OSISOFT

CLIENT QUOTE: "We had a fantastic experience.  We were looking to make a splash with a new product offering at our Industry’s national tradeshow and we felt that we made the splash we were hoping for.  There was a lot of buzz around our booth and the hologram was the biggest reason for it.  From having displayed at this show for the past 15 years with a few different companies in different roles, I know this was the most traffic I had seen. Tim was very good with putting everything together for what we wanted to showcase.  Jeff Dowling - Missisauga Bus Group of Companies