Large Holograms for Keynote and Stage Presentations

Project your Keynote Speech content, presentation, product, CEO, speaker or anything you desire in large scale holographic projection on stage.

  • Keynote Presentation Hologram

    Keynote speech presented in a large 3D Hologram format.

  • Telepresence Hologram

    Holographic Telepresence with real, historical or fictional characters on stage.

  • Press conference hologram

    Corporate press conference with Holographic Stage Projection draws media attention.

  • Giant Hologram Projection

    Giant Holograms projected over a theatre stage in the Bahamas.

For those looking to make a serious impact with their keynote speech, press conference, conference opener or theatrical presentation we offer large scale stage holograms up to 20 ft high ( 6 m ). We have a wide range of projection system options to fit many budgets.

Our creative animation staff can take your 2D powerpoint notes and create 3D holographic versions to be projected on stage with you. Detailed 3D product presentations, telepresence, special effects, historic characters, and additional 3D models can be added for dramatic effect. We provide installation and operation of the Holographic Projection system.

From FORBES - After the talk, Harvey Feigenbaum, the founder of ASE and widely known as "the father of echocardiography," said:  "All I can say is wow! I already feel sorry for next year's Feigenbaum lecturer. There's no way he can top this.... We just got a glimpse of the future." Patricia Pellikka, a past President of ASE and the current director of the echocardiography lab at Mayo, said that the "holographic presentation at ASE was absolutely spectacular!.

"BRILLIANT! The most inspiring opening to any conference I have ever seen." Barbara Corcoran