Complete Hologram Services

In addition to hologram rental and sales for trade shows, we offer a full range of services to make your trade show hologram experience an easy one for you. Our team of dedicated professionals have the knowledge and experience to ensure your hologram project is all that it can be.


3D animation & 3d modeling

Engage your museum visitors with visually exciting interactive holographic presentations.

  • 3d animation service

Our 3D animation team has an extensive background in both 3D modeling and animation. We can take your 3d model and turn it into a photo real animated 3D hologram projection. If you don't have access to 3D files of your products we can create a 3D model from scratch based on photos of the product that you provide.



Scripting & content Creation

Full service options to make your hologram presentation a success.

You have a great product and message that you want to convey to trade show visitors but aren't sure the best way to do it? Our creative team will review your presentation ideas with you and help create the most effective way to present it as a 3D hologram for your trade show booth. We will advise on the best length of each presentation as well as the best way to utilize your exisiting 3D files ( AutoCAD..etc ) for the maximum 3D effect. We will help you create descriptive narrative to play with the visual presentation . ( This is highly recommended. )



Voice over recording

Double the information being offered with narrative recording.

Voice narrative is highly recommended in your trade hologram presentation. So much so that we offer the service at no charge to clients to encourage them to include it. Narration makes any presentation more interesting to the viewer as it explains in more detail what they are watching. It also gives the client to chance to offer more information to the viewer in addition to visual information they are viewing as a hologram. Simply write your descriptive narrative in text form and we take it from there. We will have our professional Voice Over Artist record it and send you you the audio file to review. Once you approve it , we add it to the hologram prestentation to make it more informative. Watch this sample video to see how narrative enhances the presentation.



Graphics & Branding

Customizing the hologram projector to match your booth decor.

Its important that the hologram projector look like it was designed as part of your booth. Give us your logo or any other graphics you would like to showcase and we will print them and apply them to the display.



Custom Display Design & Fabrication

Customized 3D hologram projectors.

In addition to our trade show hologram projector rentals, we also offer custom designs for clients who wish to purchase a hologram projector for trade show use or permanent display in a museum or lobby. We create 3D renders of the custom concept design from which once approved, the final hologram projector is completed by our fabrication team.


SHipping and on-site set up

We make shipping and set up of the hologram projector easy..

We use YRC Freight Exhibit Services to ship our displays directly to your show. YRC has on-site managers at most trade shows across North America ensuring your shipment is properly managed. One of out techs will then unpack and set up the hologram projector in addition to showing you how to properly operate it. At the end of the trade show our tech will return to dismantle the display, repack it and then fill out all the paperwork to have it shipped back to our warehouse.