Hologram Rental Portfolio

Trade Show Hologram Rental
Hologram Display for Trade Shows

A heavy industry parts manufacturer showcased many products in holographic form in Las Vegas... (more)

Hologram Projector for Trade Shows
Large Trade Show Hologram

The larger hologram projector highlights detailed performance information for a clients products at a trade show.... (more)

Keynote Speech Hologram Presentation
Keynote Presentation Hologram

Dr. Partho Sengupta earns a standing ovation for his large scale keynot hologram presentation... (more)

Dreamoc HD3 Hologram Rental

The Dreamoc HD3 pyramid hologram projector is perfect for trade shows where space is limited. (more)

Holograms for Museums
Kennedy Space Center Hologram

The Apollo Moon Mission is detailed in 3D Hologoraphic form for visitors to NASA's Kennedy Space Center.... (more)

Hologram Projector for Trade Show Booth
Hologram Display at Trade Show

SubSea Oil Industry products are explained to trade show booth visitors at the OTC show in Houston TX. ... (more)

Large Hologram for Trade Shows
Large size Hologram at Trade Show

Hologram projections up to 3 ft tall and 5 ft wide are a feature of this dual sided hologram projector for trade shows... (more)

Giant Scale Holograms
Large Hologram Projection on Stage

Giant sized tiger hologram is projected on stage to the delight of a live crowd... (more)

Virtual Presenter Hologram
Virtual Presenter at Trade Show

Virtual presenters play a big part in this informative trade show hologrpahic presentation... (more)

Trade Show Hologram Rental
Trade Show Hologram Rental

Detailed features of packaging machinery are showcased in 3D hologram form for a repeat client at a trade show... (more)

Where to rent a hologram for a trade show
Dental Trade Show HOlogram

Dental app features explained via hologram presentation at Dental industry trade show in San Francisco... (more)

Big holograms for trade shows
trade show Large Hologram Rental

This large scale dual sided hologram projector proved a hit at the Transit show in Toronto Canada... (more)

Giant Holograms for Telepresence, Stage or Keynote Speech
Giant Hologram stage Projection

A very large holographic shark appears to swim over a theatre stage in the Bahamas... (more)

Hologram for Trade Show Booth
Large Keynote Hologram Projector

Project a logo, product, powerpoint or anything on stage in large scale 3d...(more)

Best Hologram projector for trade shows
Drone Trade Show Hologram

Case manufacturer adds excitement to their trade show booth via 3D holograms showcasing their product... (more)

Keynote speech Hologram Projection
Media event Hologram

Large Hologram Projection featured in Media Event... (more)