Keynote Hologram Projection Systems

Giant Keynote Hologram projection
Keynote Hologram Projection

When Dr. Partho Sengupta was asked to give a visual presentation as ASE's 14th Feigenbaum Lecturershipwinner he asked us to assist in creating a stunning 3D presenation that would impress his audience more than a regular power point presentation. Our staff worked closely with Dr. Partho to bring his script including a lot of 2D charts and 2D documents into visually 3D content which appeared to float in mid air.

From FORBES - After the talk, Harvey Feigenbaum, the founder of ASE and widely known as "the father of echocardiography," said:  "All I can say is wow! I already feel sorry for next year's Feigenbaum lecturer. There's no way he can top this.... We just got a glimpse of the future." Patricia Pellikka, a past President of ASE and the current director of the echocardiography lab at Mayo, said that the "holographic presentation at ASE was absolutely spectacular!