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    Holograms attract attention!

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    Pyramid Hologram Displays

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    Large Holograms for Trade Shows

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    Keynote Hologram Projection

Trade Show Holograms

Hologram for trade showsOur dual sided interactive hologram displays attract attention to your trade show booth with impressive 3d holographic presentations.... (more)

Keynote/ stage holograms

Hologram RentalLarge Scale 3D Holograms projected on stage as part of a Keynote presentation, telepresence, or theatrical effect. ... (more)

Museum Hologram Exhibits

Hologram ProjectorHigh Tech, Interactive, Visually exciting and informative 3D Hologram projectors for Museum display. Presentations float in mid air... (more)

3D Hologram REntals and Sales

Hologram Projectors attract attention and draw visitors to a trade show booth, bringing you more leads, more contacts and more new clients. Our exclusive hologram projectors are designed specifically to work in bright trade show environments. They atttract attention and then keep it with stunning 3D presentations that appear to float in mid air. Our displays project much larger holograms and greater visiblilty than competing designs. Our dual sided hologram projector allows viewers to see and hear separate hologram presentations on each side at the same time via separate interactive touch screens.

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Hologram for trade show
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Large Scale Hologram for Trade Shows
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