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Hologram Exhibits for Trade Shows and Special Events

Large Scale Holograms

These large ( life size ) holograms are perfect trade show, press conferences or any special event where a larger WOW factor is required. With holographic floating images up to 7 ft high and 10 ft wide our large kiosks offer something unique and memorable. Large Hologram Displays are available in several sizes, designs and colors. No special glasses are required for guests to witness your holographic presention in 3D. To view the large scale hologram in action visit our video page. Even larger versions are available on request. Contact us for details.

Boeing Satellite Hologram Display
JUMBO Hologram
etroit Tigers Hologram
Texma Petroleum Machiner
Boeing Holgraphic Display
Detroit Tigers Hologram
Large Hologram Projection
Large Hologram Projector
Large Holographic Projection
Holographic Powerpoint
Press Conference Hologram
Processing Show Hologram
Larger version of one of the smaller images above
Crowd Attraction at Trade Show
Draw attention to your booth
Hologram at Oil Trade Show
Large scale power point hologram
Large Hologram Kiosk
Large Hologram attracts attention
New Holgoram design
Hologram at Oil Trade Show
Newest Holo Kiosk Design
Newest Holo Kiosk Design
Newest Holo Kiosk Design
Newest Holo Kiosk Design
Newest Holo Kiosk Design
Newest Holo Kiosk Design
Large 20 ft wide Hologram now available.

Life size Holograms for Trade Shows, Corporate Presentations, Retail Display and Special Events.


Your company's Logo, Product or Message floats in mid air in 3D!.
Hologram Projectors offer full color, full motion presentations to atttact attention to your trade show booth.