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Hologram Exhibits for Trade Shows and Special Events

Hologram Photo Gallery

We offer a large variety of design options for our Hologram Projectors to match your trade show booth design. Custom designs are available on request, time permitting.. Browse some of our past projects.

General Electric Hologram Display
Holographic Inner Ear Model
Trade Show Hologram Projector
Space Symposium Kiosk
GE Ecomation Holgraphic Display
Trade Show Hologram Projector
Holographic Satellite Display
Atlanta Trade Show Display
Trade Show Hologram Projector
Hologram Display in Booth Setting
Vegas Trade Show Hologram
Trade Show Hologram Projector
Holographic Ice Skate
Holographic Twin Kiosks
Trade Show Hologram Projector
Larger version of one of the smaller images above
LCS Hologram
Large Hologram Projector
Large Hologram Projector
View "Large Scale Hologram" Photos Here.

Holographic Projectors for Trade Shows, Press Conferences and Special Events


Your company's Logo, Product or Message floats in mid air in 3D!.
Hologram Projectors offer full color, full motion presentations to atttact attention to your trade show booth.